How vinyl printing works?

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What Is Vinyl Printing?

If you are searching for an effective way to give more information about your business and send a message to your customers, wide format printed vinyl is a really great way to do this. Vinyl Printing and Vinyl banners are a form of advertising where you can send them for printing with your individual artwork for business or personal purpose.

how vinyl printing works
You can get vinyl banners with your individual artwork


Now most modern banners are printed with large format inkjet printers which are capable of photo quality printing in a variety of types and sizes, from miniature decorative banners to large outdoor banners –  billboards. They help you spread your message to a large public in a short period of time by using your personal vision. That way your campaign will achieve a stunning result. Vinyl banners exceed the traditional methods of advertisement such as brochures, postcards and flyers and also offer a great return on our investment.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl banners printing?


1. Promote your business with vinyl banners

They are a great way to promote your business in a quick, inexpensive and eye-cathcing manner. They can not only help you find new customers, but also to show the world that you are here in a stylish way. Vinyl banners can help you find new customers

Vinyl banners help your potential clients learn more about your business. Generally, they are an advertisement that has high impact on the audience. They are a great way to capture the attention of your clients at areas of high traffic. They are also very good if you are offering discounts, new products, grand openings, or when you want to spread news about your upcoming company events. There are also a variety of color solutions: black, white, clear, reflective.

2. Indoors and outdoors advertisements

Vinyl banners can be in the form of indoor and outdoor advertisements and they are easily portable and flexible.  Moreover vinyl printing and banners are extremely durable. You can put them outside and they can survive the elements. Vinyl banners are considered short-term signage. They usually last 1 year, but there are cases when they last even longer, for 2-3 years. The most popular ways for finishing vinyl banners are hems and grommets.


completely customizable.
There are different finishes available

3. Complete customization

Another advantage of vinyl banners is that they are completely customizable. You can print tnem in a variety of sizes and finishes according to the customers’ wishes. Vinyl printing can be also matte or gloss.  When it comes to vinyl banners printing, matte vinyl banners usually look better with their vibrant colors and allow the text to be very well visible even from a far distance. Gloss print vinyl banners on the other hand are not always a good option because they reflect the sunlight and you can’t see the artwork on them easily.

Vinyl banners can be made temporary and permanent
Small and large businesses prefer vinyl banners as print advertisement

4. Practical to use

Vinyl banners are also a perfect way to utilize vertical space. And as they can contain a lot of informational text, it’s no wonder that vinyl banners are a favorite type of advertisement among small or big businesses. You can reposition this type of banners whenever you like. You can take them down and hung back again when you want. And they are also really not weighty and easy to use.


5. Special Stands for Vinyl Banners


If you don’t want to hang your vinyl banners, you can put  them on special stands such as aluminium or snap plastic hangers, if your purpose is indoor show display. 



For instance, one of the possible problems of vinyl printing is the banner would not come out of the printer the way you want it
Quality comes with a price


Be careful with the price

Vinyl printing is cost-effective advertisement method. To get even better price for vinyl banners, you have to order them in bulk. This is very useful for companies or institutions that need to show hundreds of the same banners in their territory. If it’s too good to be true, most likely it is. Quality comes with a price. We from ShockWave Print do our best to keep the prices as affordable as possible which doesn’t include using low quality materials.


Be careful with the price
Vinyl printing is cost-effective advertisement method


How Vinyl Printing Works For Your Business?




If you requested proof we will send it to you right before printing. So, in such situations, you should beforehand check your design for any mistakes and flaws. They can be text mistakes, low resolution images, white borders, wrong color or imagery visualization. Make sure you or your designers team will fix them before your approval.

Also, a part of your important information on the image can be cut off and this will be a real problem. Don’t forget to check it in advance. Once we receive your approval the job is submitted for print and we cannot cancel or change anything. In such cases, don’t forget to tell us exactly what you want.